Lunch Craft

When is food craft? Well I'd say that cooking is creative, so all prepared food is craft, but it's especially so when it's unbelievably cute kids' bento boxes:

I was alerted to these wondrous meals by Ohdeedoh, who also suggest checking out Lunch in a Box. I'm now dying to make VV a packed lunch, but since he's not even on solids yet, I suppose I'll have to wait for a bit!


Simone said...

Okay, I think you're on to something here. I was going to write a post about kid's bento boxes also. Must be the whole back to school thing. My Japanese friend said:"When do these mothers get up to make these things." That aside, she does have a rice cooker with a timer and her son always gets a traditional bento box for lunch, although his lunch doesn't look like a Pokemon figure. Glad you're joining the book club. Can't wait to see what you'll make.

The Crafty Cactus said...

To be honest, I know that when the times comes, VV will be lucky to get a bog-standard sandwich, let alone a bento box!

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